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What is BCC ?

Our cleaning centre at Beringen (B) is the result of state-of-the art technology. Thanks to VITO (Vlaams Instituut voor Technisch Onderzoek – Flemish Institute for Technical Research), which previously conducted a detailed survey, the facilities meet the most stringent environmental standards. The waste-water is purified using a biochemical and physiochemical installation.

  • Rinsing heads programmed with water, soap
    or other additives, depending on the cargo
  • EFTCO certificate
  • Easily accessible and centrally located (Industrial Zone home to, among others, Borealis, DOW Chemicals, Tessenderlo Chemie, ...)
  • Long opening hours
  • Four cleaning lanes with 5 rinsing heads each
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • According to the most stringent environmental standards
  • Our cleaning products are suitable for food
  • Filling station for trucks (IDS)
  • ATTENTION : We do NOT rinse ADR products

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